Why Don't We Care

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
The stars shine
So bright above
Bringing us
Hope and love
But down below

There is anything but
Just look at the world
And what's become
What have we done
All of mankind
Is just going so wrong

For some happiness
Is a warm gun
Until they are 
The unlucky one

On the other side
And with death 
Staring them in the eye
It's suddenly too late

To save their fate

Verse 2
It's so insane
How much we
Live in vain
The change we need
To fix society
And save humanity
Begins within
You and me

But where to start
We've strayed so far
Do we even remember
Who we are anymore


Verse 4
Still not learning
From the past
All our time
Studying history
In school
And this is still
Nothing new
And time and time again
We end up the fool

So the world 
End up unfair
And we don't
Even seem to care


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