Enough Is Enough

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Students marching
Against the violence
That threatens them 
While for them

The country is cheering

As the government
Still uncaring
Goes on ignoring
Taking none of them

And what they have
Been through seriously
And they wonder

Why at them
We are all so angry

Children dying 
In a never ending string
Of schools shootings

The government 
Still doing nothing
So they march
Because they have 
Just had it
They will take it no longer

Enough is enough 

Verse 2
Gun owners
And the NRA
Explain to me 
Why your right 
To own assault rifles
Means more
Than the lives of children
Who simply ask to 
Go to school 
Without being murdered
Your guns
Or peoples children
What matters most
And why is it even a question


Verse 3
So march on students
Yes march on
Stand up
And stay strong
Make them listen
And remember that
United as one
You can get this done
Yes you can make 

History happen
As long as you 
Keep fighting 
And remember 
To never back down


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