Will We Ever Be Alright

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Love is a light
And we are all blind
Reality is unkind
As we all just
Struggle to find
Hope of any kind
While we
The comformits sheep
Follow wolves
That are nothing
But puppets on a string
Is there anything right
That we are doing
All mankind
Seems to do is fight
For both greed
And what we think is right
The conformists sheep
What is right
While living blind
Please God
Give us a sign
We will be alright
Verse 2
We have fought
Far too many wars
And yet politicians
Are always like
Hey what's one more
Only this war
Is one here at home
Between a country divided
The gun nuts
And the fed up
Both march
And tragedy strikes
Once more
Verse 3
So people tell me
The way things are now
Do you think
We have a chance
Of being ok somehow
Will peace
In society
Ever be found
The just keeps
Getting me so down
Tell me folks
Are we all really
Hell bound

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