One True Enemy

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
We are on a quest
For happiness
But the hate 
Is overwhelming
And the greed is 
Over powering
As society
Over and over 
Keeps failing 
As insanity 
We let keep winning

We all fight 
One another
Without even
Stopping to bother
To realize
In our cries
That we are really
Our one true enemy

Verse 2
Our journey
For peace 
And to finally be happy
Must start within
You and me
For nothing in the world
Can ever change 
For the better
If we don't change
Ourselves first


Verse 3
It may sound crazy
But look in the mirror
Who do you see
You or societies
Version of you
Whose truth are you living
Yours or theirs
Are you happy 

As the you that you see
Or are you finally
Ready for a change


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