Welcome To Reality

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
I wish for peace
But I feel like
I just live in a dream
The world around me

A chaos society
Is there any hope
For humanity

Or will this hell

Last an eternity

Verse 2
We fight to be free
And to find peace
But that can never be
Not as long as we keep
Living in so much
Hate and greed
Fear and sorrow
Builds inside me

Why can't you all see

So much chaos
In a world
That claims it
Wants peace
Well I say prove it
Go out there and find it
And maybe then
We can actually be free

They say love is blind
But that doesn't mean
Society has to be
Blind to its light
The very light
That makes the light of life

Shine so bright
But right now 
Thanks to our hate and sin
That light grows dim
Could this be the end


Verse 3
Walking through life
Always so blindly
Trying so hard 
To fit in
Becoming victims
Of conformity
Yet still struggling
To be happy
Born free
But die in captivity
Welcome to reality



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