Be Free

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Question everything
Never hesitate
To challenge

Live it up

And never stop reaching

For your dreams
Or searching for the truth
For the truth my friend
Will set you will
And help you in the end

Who ever you are
Embrace it
Own it 
Live it 
Love it
Never stop being you
Because you
Yes you are beautiful

Verse 2
Find your true passion
And let it spark
A fire in you
That inspires you
To be the best you 
That you can be
No matter what
Any bully or hater says
Rise above them
And the light 
Burning bright
Inside you shine on
No matter what


Verse 3
There will always 

Be people who try
To get you to be
Someone you aren't
Don't be afraid 
To tell them 

To shove off
For conformity
Is a disease
But individuality
Now that is the key
To living free
And truly happy


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