Wake Up Before It's Too Late

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
The world 
Is asleep
As society
Drowns in dreams 
Refusing to 
See the reality
Around them
Mankind sleep walking
Through life
Chasing fairy tales
And falling for
Political rhetoric
Anyone else 
Sick of it

Another day
Another change
To make things right
Failed again
We are all to blame
Wake up folks
This is not a game

Verse 2
A man stands up
And says 
He has had enough
We must do 
Something about this
We must wake up
Stop fighting
And work together
So we can make 

Things better
He is right of course
But society just
Calls him crazy
And keeps on fighting

Forever in a state
Of manic denial
Hatred and 
Day dreaming
Look at how far
We have fallen
Nothing but violence
And lunacy 
Are you proud yet
We are you 


Verse 3
Wake up society

The time to care

Yeah it's here
So wake up
Get off your 
High horses
Grow up
Stand up
And do something
About this madness
Before it's too late
And we end up in 
A nightmare
We can't escape



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