Happy Birthday Hugh

Manson and Twiggy

Happy Birthday
Hugh Warner
The kick ass father
Of the worlds
Greatest rockstar
And my biggest hero 

The one and only
Yes the brilliant and
Beautiful, Marilyn Manson 
To you, for him
The world owes
Nothing but 
Respect and gratittude

And believe me
You have earned it
Incredible people
Raise incredible people

And you raised
The most incredible of all
One who always seems
To leave me
In awe
And has helped me

When no else could 

One who is nothing short
Of a truly beautiful
And amazing soul
Yes Happy Birthday Hugh
I hope it's good to you
The best one ever
A day you truly deserve
And as for your son
Somehow thank you
Just doesn't seem
To cut it
No, thank you
Will just never be enough 




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