November Rain

~November Rain~

With all the past  things that

Still seem to come alive

Sometimes I feel like I got

Nothing, no more to give

Love had come  and gone and lots

Of times life had dealt me bad cards

But that's one of the reasons for what

It seems that I have  grown but

By dealing right and left with problems

Some seem to multiply while others seem to grow

Doing this and that all the time also

Till I feel more empty than before

Like there's nothing in me anymore

Sustained only by hope and my faith

And by the grace of my heavenly Father

Sometimes I sit alone somewhere

And then my tears start to pour

As doubts assail my senses as before

But that's the way that life goes on

Till my hurting heart can take it anymore

That's when my soul seems to dive too

And into that dark hole grows cold and sore

I'm left with only spoils and to Him I send my prayers

To Him my Heavenly Father that he's in heaven

Knowing all the time in my heart that no matter what

He'll be there for me to see me all the way through

At the end of every chosen road  I take

He'll renew my spirit every time and again my soul will soar.

Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000


December 9,2009

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