~It's Only Through Jesus~

It's only through Jesus that we can come to that wonderful place

So filled of love, and peace and supplied of eternal grace

It's only through Jesus that we can come to His Father someday

The Bible makes it so plain and clear! and there's no other way

God is the sovereign Author of everything upon the Universe,the sea and earth,

He's written it all and designed it all with His own Almighty Hands,

God is the Master Painter of everything you see all over the sea and every land

It's only through Jesus, the Perfect Lamb,that we can have salvation for eternity! His love is so Grand

It's only through Jesus,that you can have the precious treasure of "new birth" and  be "Born Again" spiritually

Just then you can understand and see the big picture, and discover, why so many things really make sense

The importance of God's plan and how much He really loves us all,

Nothing happens by accident,He already had a plan for you and me, His love is profoundly immense

Praise be the Name of our Mighty God! Because He's in control of everything you can and may not see,

It's only through Jesus that we can have life abundantly and eternally, call Jesus! and then you'll see.

Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000


October 26,2009

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