Icy waves pummel the rickety boards,

The raft I cling to with hands,

The flesh thereof afire from,

The bonedeep chill of an artic wind,

Howling as a demon, 

life's bane incarnate,

Clawing its way into my breast,

My heart lies in winter's grasp,


My mind walks a meandering path,

Toeing the line that divides,

This and the beyond,

The precipice,

I float into reverie,

Lulled by the rocking of my cradle,

The rickety raft thrashed by the ravening sea.


As my body seizes,

I sip on the nectar sweet,

Of the wisps that remain,

whispers of your breath,

And I hold fast,

Shackling myself to life,

Till the shore at last.


Sun falls to grace frostbitten cheeks,

Embracing me...

And I shiver,

in the warmth of anticipation,

To feel your skin on mine,

To be once again one


I stroll easy,

To the threshhold, 

I pause to smile,

The door swings open quiet,

And I am greeted by naught,

You've left for the sea,

To look for me





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