The Magical Journey


we can go on a magical journey to the land, where ducks are the kings and everyeone must pay homage in the form of salted crackers

"are there magical plants that make you scream?"

and if you eat the green ones they make you blow up like a giant balloon and float around in triangles


and then the flying purple pigalopes come and they sneeze their precious honey onto you and you turn into a butterfly for 56 seconds

"yes yes!!"

and sometimes magicnal castles appear in the clouds for 3 hours and if you get to the min time you get a shiny gold coin that you can trade for colorful neckties

and if you wear them then you'll magicaly sprout vanilla beans from your ears which are ever so tasty when you go to the brook of sheilds,

but if you eat them with plastic forks where margarin tubs float freely in the goo.they turn into licorce shoes

and the laces melt away into liver enzymes


shiny red ones with silver stars made out of edible beads and sometimes the magical faeries come down from the mountain and it rains lemon tea

for all the little elflings who just went to pee, for they are thirsty once again and the water hole is empty because there was an evaporation attack by lord heat

"ohhh no, not lord heat!!"

he wear robes made out of unicorn skin and makes the little tree children make wooden parsnip umbrellas in his factory

it's a terrible terrible thing, ten years down the road those children forget their middle names, and resort to braying like sex starved colombian donkeys, for the sake of the algerian bible rat,but some of them escaped, and started a rescue mission where they float in on black and purple balloons and shoot shoe polish at lord heat and his goblins ,becuase theyre allergic to the dark.and it caused the mushroom infested burglars to rinse their own socks in sawdust and refumatine juice..

"Don't drink refumatine or you'll become a mortal!!"

"what kind of mushrooms..? if you eat them will you sprout yellow socks from your kneecaps"?

"yes those ones,"

it may also cause temporary eyesight replacement, where you will be able to see everything trough your nipples, alas only if you have 5 of them. Two of which must be located on your back. strangely enough in the tunnel by the bay of water skunktopusses strange craving stir about, for the wind is blowing the scent of the blueberrypie beast in our direction,

"but is it safe to follow our noses??"


The authors of the wonderfull story, were talking through internet confernence, one eventually took far too many drinks of 151 proof rum. the other had a sore neck and a numb leg.

By: Doctor Bubble Cabbage And Nurse Squid Nipples

{Erin Blaikie & Jaimy Paulin}

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