Freestyle - Attempt 1

The name is called, standing tall

Who at all can come at a nigga?

It's only high standing level with the sky still to reach it.

Reaching, reaching this point of altitutde.

Respect is not to be given but only to those who earn,

Listen now, I speak amongst you.

I speak of great things that will come unto you.

Though, these are to prosper not to harm you.

We all do things that we shouldn't do.

Really the O' zealous one who makes a difference.

Takeing wise words for granted is something likely to happen,

Still refuse to make the bold assessment,

Looking at oneself before addressing another.

All these sick motherfuckers,

Judging before they understand something.

All for not, standing under folly,

Call it how I see it nigga. Let it seep in,

Into this deep end.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

Shit, can a man get his flow back?

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