The Relapse

Yes, it's true
I relapsed,
I'm such a fool
Now I'm like,
What do I do?

I made this bed
But it's not a bed anymore
There's no pillows,
Nor blankets
Just rusty springs

And I keep waking up
To this fucked up life
Walking around like a
Achy bones
From my head
Down to my toes

Oh the woes
I cry alone
And so it goes
Life goes on
And leaves me
In the dust
With my rust-
Rusty springs
And achy bones

This relapse of mine
Six days of regret
Agony and dread
I pick myself up
Boot-straps and all
Don't watch me fall
Watch me get up!
My fall from grace
Gracefully I rise
From my ashes at last!
Again, I shall dance

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