What I love is not darker

Darker? Darker? Not at all

Didn't someone explain to you I was mentally ill at the time

Confused and scared and reading lyrics about all kinds of horrible stuff

Which is why all that chaos came into my head in the first place

You, Bernie, do not know me or my mind and yet you'd probably claim to have compassion for the mentally ill

Didn't someone explain to you that love is a two-way street and perhaps I needed to feel it for the first time?

All I needed was for any of you to reach out and show me I wasn't alone

You did know it wasn't naturally in to me to activly hurt didn't you? Someone did explain to you that I had buddhist tendencies?

You do know I lost the best part of childhood because of brain manipulation?

You did know I missed out on many normal teenage things like having a girlfreidn etc?

You did know that the cause of that was in large part down to such as you?

If you want to extingiush the flame, that's fine, but that means putting it out and then leaving it alone not writing new bullshit for it that proves nothing to nobody except how people like you like to be cruel for the sake of it

I loved you all, it wasn't a lie but my mind was so far gone from the start and then you added more and more confusion

Not my fault at all, stop making storms in teacups

and let me have the time with my family that I never felt I'd had enough of in the first place

Or else reinstate me and treat me with the same understanding you give yourselves and each other

You give me reasons upon reasons to doubt you, knowing the pain I'd felt, and yet you'd still blame me rather than just leaving me be

Misinformation - check

Misguided leaders - check

Hesitation cause of the above

I could have been a happy man with a family or a pet, If other people can do it I could of

Oh well, thanks for signing me up to something without asking me then taking me for granted at the same time

That's real honest of you

And for your information, Oilenspiel, what I love does not have to die

I just wanted a soulmate in the first place to love

I needed it in the first place to repair my soul

But must your ego be the bigger thing and envelop mine?

You had pleanty of time to reach out to me or write something positive into my life

Never mind, I'll say it again, a contract that I never even signed

Me going through that mental illness- I would have overcome it for others, that was surely part of the point

Anyway, I'm no threat to you, so why not just leave me in peace aye? Let me have the quality I never had in the first place

This isn't a goad or a bitter text

Just simple fact

Take the time to undertsand me or just leave me out of it all, seeing as I never contracted you for anything without your persmission




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