Neither Man nor Beast

His habitat is chaos

A littered bedroom of unkempt garden

He craves the look of the wild


He despises the sweat and malice of the human work place

And can't hold down a job for long

Nor tolerate what passes for conversation at the pub


He reveres the mighty tiger

And eats and sleeps when he wants to just like a lion

But he could never bring down a young gazelle


He'd rather sleep in the woods than a hotel

Or down a back alley like a stray dog than in a shared house

He's not permitted to be anything but solitary


He looks up only at the stars

And away at the sight of that which is supposedly related to him

He is yet to find his home


Sea horses pair for life

And most bipeds find and take it when they want it

But he is yet to love or be loved


...yet to find his pack...

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