He told me to pour my love into him, let him have some of the passion I have.. So I poured and I never stopped pouring for 2 years straight, yet at the end of those two years he proceeded to ask my why I am so empty. 

My mother told me to put my all into my school work. I didn't have time for myself for the fear of not making her happy. So I studied and studied and studied, yet at the end of that year she proceeded to ask my why I never have time for my family or my friends. 

My grandfather told me to have a family. I had my son, I love him more than life it's self. My grandfather proceeded to ask my why I made the choices I made, when little did he know that my son saved me. 

Society tells me to be pretty. So I put on makeup, fake eyelashes, eyeliner, highlight and contour, lipstick, anything to cover up what isn't good enough for them. Yet they proceed to call me fake. 

I told myself to be perfect. I done all the things I thought would make everyone think that I am "perfect". Yet I proceed to tell myself that I will never be good enough for anyone... Not even for myself.

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Just be you, as real as it

Just be you, as real as it is, and you will be perfect. We are all here to grow. When you are no longer growing, you are dying. Perfection only becomes stagnant in the lie of it's perfection.  We are dying to live and living to die. It's never ending, and rightfully so, AND... beautifully perfect in it's ever changing imperfection.