As part of planning this trip—-for one night we were set to reside

in a tiny house in Alberta, Canada…that came with a teepee on the side.


This tiny house had all the amenities we needed…much to our delight

 while the teepee had the bed…where we’d sleep under the stars at night.


That was the plan at least…. 

until we received a text when we reached our Spokane destination

It was from the owner of the tiny house alerting us to a…’situation’.


Apparently Alberta where the tiny house sits, (this is something we  didn’t know)

is subject to the strong Chinook winds which across this part of Canada blow.


The situation was…we learned that fateful day

the teepee which was to be our bedroom…in the night had blown away.


Which meant a last minute change of plans…

so to the internet and through the listing on Air B & B I plowed

and luckily found this little cabin on the prairie outside of Fort Macleod.


So we left the mountains behind us…stopping every now and then

to enjoy the country where the land, the hills, the valley together seemed to be flow

ending at this beautiful cabin on the prairie…where the Chinook winds still blow. 


Protected in this beautiful little cabin…so comfortable and pleasing to the eye…

and it was here we watched the sunset on the prairie…and the stars light up the sky.


It turned out to be just what we needed…and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay…

making a memory we would never have made…

if our teepee hadn’t blown away.

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