I awoke to a blanket of fog covering the mountains this morning

as I walked outside I was cautious not to make a peep

I told the Earth it’s early…go ahead and let her mountains sleep.


It was a cold morning in the mountains…the temperature was 52

I guess fog is proof that on a cold morning the Earth sees her breath too.


I love how there is a calmness in the morning fog,

how all boundaries seem to cease,

how there is a peace that overcomes me

and how I find beauty in that peace.


I love how sounds are unaffected…unfazed by the fog…

I hear dogs barking in the distance

and the voices of the morning birds seem to echo off the fog.


In the time it took to write these words

everything has shifted…

The sun and morning breeze arrived

and the blanket of fog has lifted.


Which makes me wonder if life isn’t a little like the fog…

Sometimes the path ahead is hazy…it may not always be clear

but if we stop to enjoy the beauty of the moment

answers will appear


I wish everyone could experience a morning fog

It’s a wonderful way for the day to start

In the misty solitude you get in touch with your soul

and hear with unbridled clarity…the voices inside your heart.

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