When in the mountains at our cabin during our summer stays

we are happy to honor and to celebrate a host of special days.


If we’re blessed to be in the mountains enjoying the clouds the sun the sky

we happily celebrate some special days that fall in June and July 


June 7th we eat donuts on National donut day…the fulfillment of a dream

July 7th we we eat chocolate and July 16…ice cream..


(Sure birthdays are important when we eat cake and gather all our troops

but summer in the mountains we celebrate our three most cherished food groups.)


We never visit the mountains in February, however, from NC winters we stay away

so we never in the summer get to truly celebrate Pancake Day.


We can celebrate with pancakes in Florida…but that always makes me grouse…

because we cannot celebrate in North Carolina…at Joey’s Pancake House. 


Joey’s sits in Maggie Valley and since 1966- the moment of it’s birth

Joey’s has been serving the most delicious pancakes on the Earth.


Our children and our grandchildren have eaten pancakes at Joey’s…

Why…because we cared…

and traditions only become traditions when traditions can be shared.


So this summer Deborah and I decided to throw the calendar away…

And on July 21st we celebrated our own National Pancake Day.


Eat your heart out Perkins, Denny’s, Bob Evans and I-hop

I had two large peach pancakes covered in powdered sugar with a dollop of whip cream on top.


And now that we understand these National days…we are allowed to tweak…

there’s a good chance we’ll be celebrating National Pancake Day..

a second time 

next week.

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