When I was young…before I could speak…before I was capable of dialogue…

unbeknownst to my parens…I saw life through a fog.


Everything my eyes could see…looked like a painting by Monet

I didn’t know I saw the world differently…I was born that way.


I thought everyone had eyes like mine…and saw the world like me…

It would be years till I got glasses and could see the world that others see.


With only my eyes or with my glasses on…my world was as different as night and day.

I either saw the details of DaVinci…or through the haze of a Monet.


Yesterday, however, for a little while my world took a different spin.

The skies were clear when we began our walk…then slowly…the fog rolled in.


As the fog moved in and over us…as it blanketed the shore.

I thought to myself…this is wonderful…I don’t need my glasses anymore.


So I took them off and for a moment played this little game…

with my glasses on or with them off…everything looked the same.


Yes, once the fog engulfed the people, the cars, the beach…the trees…

I realized, at that moment, everyone there was seeing the world I see.


So I put my glasses in my pocket…and for a few minutes at the beginning of the day…

I welcomed everyone I met…into my world…and the beauty of Monet.

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