In our leisurely drive across the country one of our delights

was an old school house in Nebraska…where we were blessed to spend the night.


We were already in the middle of nowhere….when ‘turn here’ our GPS crowed…

and took us another 4 miles down a one lane gravel road.


The renovated school house was secluded…there was no one else around

and once we turned the car off…you couldn’t hear a sound.


Until, that is, our eyes and ears adjusted…and we both shared a smile

as the animals in the country said…welcome…come and stay a while.


So we sat out in the school yard…in the disappearing day

totally aware of the sights and sounds around us now on display.


Birds singing in the trees surrounding us…everywhere we glanced

joining in a wondrous harmony…while the dandelions all. danced.


A robin sitting on her nest…took time out to tweet…

Rabbits hopped over to listen…and grab a bite to eat


A rooster, a woodpecker and a frog…not to be outdone…

joined in with their distinctive sounds…adding to the fun


The lilacs were in bloom…their aroma our noses kissed….

in flew a hummingbird moth…whose bloom she couldn’t resist.


A cool breeze waltzed across the yard…and as the dandelion seedlings flew

we closed our eyes, made a wish and I wondered…what the Earth was wishing too. 


Then gradually…as if in partnership with the setting the sun….

the sounds began to fade away…slowly…one by one.


As the animals of the day found their beds in the fading light

the serenade continued…as the crickets would sing us through the night.


And so we sat there in the darkness…it was not yet time to go…

we waited and weren’t disappointed as the stars put on a show.


Neither of us dreamed that night…we slept deeply and soundly instead…

realizing we had already experienced a dream..long before we went to bed.


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