The other day on our morning walk we witnessed a miracle that involved a baby duck…a kind young man…a box…and the kind man’s pick-up truck.


We happened upon Jason…who had within his hands

a baby duck he found at the marina…wandering in the sand.


He didn’t see her at first…only heard her little sound…

and he quickly noticed he baby’s mother was no where to be found.


So he gently set her in a box on the passenger seat of his truck

and drove around with the hope of reuniting…momma and baby duck. 


We wished him good luck in his attempt to locate the baby duckling’s mother…as he drove off in one direction…and we walked in the other.


The next day we saw Jason again…in the distance standing by his truck…

We waved and asked him how yesterday went…his adventure with the duck.


He waved back and in a voice loud, and proud, high-pitched…and excited

told us, with a smile on his face…how mom and baby were reunited.


He said he drove around until he spotted the mother…it took a little while..

and though he can’t be sure when mom reclaimed her baby…he thought he saw her smile.


I view this as a miracle…how a caring man with a box and an old pick-up truck…saved a baby duckling by reuniting baby with Momma duck.


Over the years I’ve come to realize it was never God’s intent

that all her miracles in life should be heaven sent…


No, thankfully, in my life I have come to understand…

all it takes to perform a miracle…is one kind and loving hand.

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