On a recent walk along the beach…like most great walks…unplanned…we stopped because below our feet there was a flower growing in the sand.


I said, “Tell me little flower because I’d like to understand…of all the places you could live…are you happy growing in the sand?”


“Funny you should ask.” The flower said as he looked up at us and grinned.  “I had a lot of time to think about that as I rode upon the wind.”


“Would I end up on a mountaintop…neath the pine trees would I grow…would their needles keep me warm and safe under the winter snow?”


Would I be dropped in a field of wildflowers…to be visited by the butterflies and the bees…enjoying the sunshine and the rain while swaying in the breeze?”


“Would I end up in a little girl’s garden…where she gets down on bended knee…every morning just to stop and say hello to me 


“Would I grow up sheltered in the forest…is that how the creator designed me…under trees that lift their branches during the day so the rays of the sun could find me?”


“These and other thoughts like these rode along with me…as I floated on the winds awaiting my destiny.”


“To be honest as I drifted on the air…this destiny I hadn’t planned…I never dreamed I’d be a flower growing in the sand.”


“But here’s a little secret when we’re created every seedling knows:

Wherever beauty is needed…that’s where a flower grows.”


We were created for one purpose…to bring beauty to the land…

so my answer to your question is YES…I am happy growing in the sand.”


I think of that little flower often…that flower growing in the sand…

and I wish his little secret…the whole world would understand.



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