Happy birthday and thank you Theodor Geisel…for it’s so easy to deduce

all the things you helped to teach us…not as Theodor…but Dr. Seuss.


You taught us how to count…at least to the number two

and in the same book you taught us about the color red…and the color blue.


Your Sam I am taught us we can eat ham with green eggs…if we please

and your Lorax…about our environment and the importance of our trees.


Thanks to your Cat in the hat and Thing 1 and Thing 2 for teaching us without a doubt…all the things we can do at home…when our mother is out.


Your Horton taught us patience…when on a promise to Mayzie he wouldn’t renege…as he sat and he sat and he sat until he hatched her egg.


Your Grinch taught us we can preserver through our trials and our woe…

that even when our heart has hardened…it can soften…it can grow.


And finally, on a personal level…while I have the time

thanks for all the children besides me you taught to appreciate the rhyme.


Yes, thank you Mr. Geisel…for being a great Dr. Seuss

For showing us how imagination works…once we turn it loose.


You’ve helped us all in many ways…ways you’ll never know…

and with the books you created by our side…

oh the places we will go.


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