I was walking in the woods the other day when what did I happen to see...across the path in front of me…a newly fallen tree.


The fact that it was newly fallen was easy to perceive.

The bark was still in tact and Its branches still had leaves


"Are you sad that you have fallen?" I asked the tree…"sad that you will die?"

The tree thought about it for a moment….’No’ came his reply.


‘From the moment we sprout from the ground when we are thin and small...all trees know eventually one day we will fall.’


'It's a trees job to stand tall and strong to provide shelter to the birds before we go…knowing one day we will become part of the Earth so that other trees may grow.'


‘This is the cycle of a tree’s life…this is our path…this is the only way…and all trees understand…the part we’re meant to play.’


How can I be sad I’ve fallen…when deep in my bark I have no falling will give so many other trees their opportunity to sprout.'


‘And how can I be sad as upon this ground I lie…when, for a little while in my life, I was blessed to touch the sky.'



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