I love receiving gift cards…for restaurants…for bakeries…for our local hardware store…but after opening yesterday’s mail…I’m not sure how I feel about gift cards anymore.


The $850 price on the gift card was certainly endearing…but it was sent to me in the likelihood that I’ve been having trouble hearing.


“Obviously this is a mistake!” I said to myself.  “My hearing is quite strong!”

But my name on the front of the envelope proved that I was wrong.


I don’t know anything about metrics…at math I’ve never been that great…but, apparently, people begin to lose their hearing…when they turn 68.


And it seems the Beltone company wasn’t just doing me a favor…as their $850 gift card wold imply…they’re assuming, after 68 years, my hearing’s gone awry.


I am proof, however, once the numbers are crunched and all the calculating’s done…what might be true for some…is not true for everyone.


I am embracing getting older…I have no reason to cry or moan or whine…I’m healthy and I’m happy…and my hearing is just fine.


So Beltone if you want to send me a gift card…I think it would be neat…if it was for $850 dollars at the bakery down the street.


I’ll buy as many donuts as I can carry, I’ll stack them in a dome…

and I’ll eat them as I read my next letter…

it’s from a funeral home.

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