If I’m asked what is my religion I find it hard to say…because nature is where I get my counsel…she’s where I go to pray.


I try to make my questions simple and easy for her to hear…but her answers are quite nebulous…and never quite as clear.


She answers in a way, I’m sure, she thinks will help me evolve…it’s usually a riddle, a puzzle or some conundrum I must solve.


Take this morning for instance I asked why so much pain, suffering and injustice on this world has been bestowed…Her answer came quite quickly…she sent a possum across the road.


(This might not seem like an answer to you…but there’s more to this story yet…for in all the years I have been walking…this is the first possum I have met!)


This is the kind of response I always get from nature…the kind that makes my head explode…I ask for a simple answer and she send a possum across the road.


I saw him coming from my left…he was walking in the grass…I paused and said, “Good Morning Mr. Possum”…he gave me a quick glance as he passed.


Since I’ve been asking questions of nature all my life I think I got her gist…she was showing me the answer to my query is in how we choose to coexist.


I did not try to capture the possum…I did not try to change him…I did not pick a fight…instead we allowed each other to be who we are as we passed each other in the night.


Nature was reminding me how for a long time….every species on this planet knew where they belonged..every part of Earth co-existed…until mankind came along. 


She was reminding me there is a way to fix the problems…and I’m the only one who can…because the pain and suffering and injustice in the world begins and ends with man.


She was reminding me the solutions to the problems in the world need not make my head explode…That they actually may be found by watching a possum cross the road.

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