He found a feather on the ground, picked it up and said, “Oh Dear!  I’m so sorry little feather that you have landed here.”


“Did you come from somewhere close by…have you traveled very far?  

I imagine there’s a bird up there who’s wondering where you are.”


“Are you sad you and your bird are never again to meet?

“Are you sad that you have drifted down and landed at my feet?”


“Are you sad that you will fly no more…are you filled with gloom…or woe at all the things you will not do…all the places you won’t go?”


The feather smiled saying, “Let me tell you something we are told from the time that we are small…there will come a day, we’re taught, when every one of us will fall.”


“Since the fact that we will fall is something we can’t hide…we are also taught from an early age…that we must enjoy the ride.”


“You ask if I am sad today…my answer is NO, and here’s the reason why…

For a wonderful moment in my life I knew what it was like to fly.”


The feather smiled at the boy…”you see for happiness I do not lack…do not feel sorry for me.” and the little boy smiled back.


Suddenly a gust of wind blew the feather from his and hand and high into the sky…

“It’s nice to know,” the little boy waved, “you haven’t forgotten how to fly.”



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