I truly love my birthday…it’s a day that I hold dear…and I love the fact that my birthday falls on the last day of the year.


It’s a time to think about my friends, my children, my grandchildren and my wife…a time to reflect on the latest year in my Fairy Tale life.


I have always loved a good Fairy Tale…and though I know they’re only pretending…I love the stories…I love the adventures…and I love those happy endings.


I have often wondered why I love happy endings…its never been quite clear…if it was the Fairy Tales from my youth…or being born on the last day of the year.


But whatever the reason…now that, today, my birthday is descending, I feel blessed to have lived another Fairy Tale year…with another happy ending.


And though this year has seen its share troubles which tried so desperately on my happiness to infringe…seen it’s share of wickedness and evil that would make even Mother Goose cringe…


It has also seen its share of joy…of acceptance…of compassion…of love and kindness extending…which, if my Fairy Tales are correct, is the definition of a happy ending.


But this is just one happy ending to one chapter in the Fairy Tale I’ve created…The words of next years chapter have yet to be dictated.


When they are I hope I’ll see joy, acceptance and laughter blending…so the end of my 2021 will also have a happy ending…


Because I believe, in life, if you find ways to savor all the joy and cherish all the laughter…..if you string enough happy endings together…

you’ll get your happily ever after.



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