From the time you were a baby many nights after reading you a book and planting a kiss upon your head…after making sure there were no monsters lurking neath your bed.


After praying to the heavens how safe your soul should be kept…your mom and I loved standing by your bed and watching…as you slept.


Do not be alarmed it’s not as crazy as is seems…for parents often cherish every moment they are blessed to watch their children dream.


You see…while you are dreaming of soaring through the sky or sailing the ocean blue…or whatever you might be dreaming of…we are dreaming too.


Our dream is that your life will be like a fairy tale…with a happy ending just for you.

Our dream is that the dreams you dream will…all…one day…come true.


We whisper to you if one dream fails…we will be there with a smile and ice cream…to soothe your heart while encouraging you…to pick another dream.


And another…and another if you must…because in this world dreams are teeming…and while we watch you sleep we hope you never will stop dreaming.


We stopped watching you sleep long ago as the older and older you grew…but we never have…and never will…stop wishing for your dreams to come true…


You see wishing the best for their children…wishing all their dreams come true…wishing for their happiness…is just what parents do.


And no matter how old you get in life…if you ever need a bridge 

from your dreams to our dreams remember…

there’s always ice cream in our fridge.

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