Working in a bookstore my eyes gaze out on a million words that captivate and endear…but nothing quite compares with one word I often hear.


Yes I hear the word Mom many times from the counter on which I’m leaning…and every time I hear it…it seem to have a different meaning… 


I hear the word Mom over and over each and every day and I find myself marveling how it can be said in so many different ways.


“Mommy, they have a Christmas tree! There’s an elf on the shelf, Mommy…look!”

“Mommy can you buy me this pack of crayons…Mommy I just have to have this book!”


“No you can’t buy that book it has too many words you will not understand.  Come on… we’re going to the Children’s section…hold on to mommy’s hand.”


A phone rings: “Hi Mom.  Yes I’m in the bookstore.  I’ll come see you when I’m through. Yes Mom, okay Mom, Yes Mom, Yes Mom, yes Mom…Yes Mom…I love you too.”


“Mom you look a little tired”. Her daughter pats her on the back and smiles. 

“I’m going to find us both a book. Why don’t you sit here for a while.”


“MOM HE ASKED YOU IF YOU WANT A RECEIPT!  The daughter yells but it’s a yell I find endearing as she looks at me she smiles and says. “My mom’s a little hard of hearing.”


A mom comes in with her little daughter in tow…her daughter’s crying, “She’s lost her favorite Teddy Bear. 

“She’s not sure when she lost it.” Her Mom said, “we’ve been looking everywhere.”


“She remembers looking at a book in your bookstore, she thinks her Teddy might be behind it”

“Thank you Mommy.” The little girl says as we search the store…and find it!”


A woman picks a book off the shelf and as she does she wipes away a tear

“Mom would have loved this book she whispers to herself…I sure wish she was here.”


What a wonderful little word is MOM…

for no matter how we convey it...

It’s meaning changes completely


by the way we happen to say it.



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