Every night when he tucked her into bed at the end of another day he’d give his daughter a kiss then spread his arms, “I love you this much!” He’d say.


When she grew a little older she didn’t want to let another evening pass so just before he left the room, 

“How much is this much?” She asked.


Her father turned around and smiled, “How much is this much.” He said.

Then he walked back to his daughter and sat upon her bed.


“Love is kind of like a seed.” He said, “and, as odd as that may seem, it’s a seed that was planted long before you were born…when you were just a dream.”


“I’m not sure exactly how it works…I think there’s some kind of magic at play…but once that seed begins to grow…it grows a little more each day.”


“I guess the best way to explain ‘this much’ would be if you counted every star up in the sky and ever grain of sand along the shore…that’s how much I love you today." he said… 

“but tomorrow, I’ll love you even more.”


“It’s not an easy concept.” He said as he squeezed his daughter’s hand.

“Don’t worry if you’re confused…someday you’ll understand.”


Then he gave her a kiss and tucked her back into bed but just before he got to the door

She spread her arms and said, “I love you this much, Daddy.

and tomorrow…I’ll love you even more.”



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