52 words written in 1787 and ratified in 1788 were meant to be a guiding light to make America great.


It began with certain concepts on the kind of country we should be.

With a hope these words would be self-evident throughout our history.


We the people…it begins…not I or you or me

They knew if we were to be a country…it had to start with We.


The knew we would not always agree…they knew this in their hearts

but they hoped our disagreements wouldn’t tear our country apart.


But they did tear us apart back in 1861…

Where we learned when you fight a war against yourself…

that war is never won.


It’s happening again today…which makes me wonder what would it take

to understand the lessons from our history and learn from our mistakes?


There are those out there now who think this country is great…

There are those of us who disagree….

that there is no way we can be great until the two sides become We.


That if we can’t resolve these differences…our democracy will be gone

and the 52 words meant to guide us 

won’t be worth the paper they were written on…


It’s ironic those 52 words that began this country…

of this there is no doubt

are unable to be read…

when we turn our own lights out.

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