When I look back on this year, 2020, a year that has been insane

I’ll remember all the heartache…I’ll remember all the pain.


I’ll remember a country that, if not careful, is sealing its own fate

divided by its anger…its bigotry, its suspicions, lies and hate.


I’ll remember the wildfires in the west that scorched many a forest…and plain.

I’ll remember hurricanes in the east and south that flooded us with rain.


I’ll remember praying the rain from those hurricanes…

that eventually ran out of names

would miraculously move to the west coast and help extinguish all the flames.


I’ll remember praying that the tears we shed from the sorrow and sadness we create

would be enough to extinguish...the fires of our hate.


Of course we can’t control the weather…wildfires and hurricanes will always be our fate

but we can control the way we treat each other…we can control our hate.


When a wildfire or hurricane wreak havoc on our land…

immediately we begin repairs…

but when hatred destroys another’s life all we do is add our tears to theirs.


But 2020 is not over yet and in the world I’l like to see us create

when casting my ballot this November…I will not vote for hate!


I will not vote for fire…for prejudice…for duplicity and lies

I will not vote for dishonesty wearing righteousness as a disguise.


I don’t know what side of this division you are on…

but I’m tired of these wildfires of hate causing so much destruction…so much pain.

so when it comes to this election…I’ll be voting for the rain.


So when I look back on this year 2020…

I can say it was the year of our transcending.

a year I was saddened at the way it began…

but am happy with the ending.



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