When I was young I didn’t quite understand my shoulders,

“Shoulders!” I would scoff. 

“Why they’re just here to help hold up my head

and to keep my shirts from falling off”.


It wasn’t until I became a parent…until I became a Dad

that I finally came to realize the importance my shoulders had.


Soon after that blessed day…it really didn’t take long

to realize why my shoulders were there…

and why they needed to be strong.


When my children were so very young

when their life still so brand new

my shoulders were there for them to ride on

and see life from a different point of view.


And when they grew a little older…as their life unfurled

my shoulders were there for them to stand on…

as they stepped into the world.


Along the way I learned a funny thing about my shoulders 

for…near as I can tell

not only do they have to be strong…

but they need to be soft as well.


Strong so my children can lean on them 

when their life is filled with dread

And soft, when they need comfort, 

for a place to lay their head.


Yes, everyday when I look in the mirror 

I have a million reasons to be elated

not the least of which is knowing 

why my shoulders were created.

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