Have you noticed when we give our love to someone it doesn’t take long to find

that with the joy and happiness that accompany love…worry is never far behind.


Worry attaches itself to us as parents the moment we become our child’s keeper

and though we can put our worry down for nap…we find she’s a light sleeper.


We worry when they’re babies…we worry when they crawl

We worry will they ever walk…and when they do…we worry they might fall.


It doesn’t matter how old our children grow…how independent…or how strong

wherever they may travel in life…our worries go along.


Which makes one stop and wonder….as we worry…as we wait…

where does all our worry come from…where does it originate?


I remember when my daughter got her driver’s license…

how awkward it made me feel…

I didn’t seem to worry much…unless I saw her behind the wheel.


I remember being in my car driving home from work one day

when I saw her drive up beside me…wave…then quickly speed away.


I imagine she thought I was waving back…but I wasn’t…I wanted here to arrive alive

so I was waving while yelling for her to slow down…telling her how to drive.


It was only when I arrived home…and pulled in behind my daughter’s Jeep

that I finally breathed a sigh of relief and put my worry back to sleep.


Jump ahead to when my grandson got his license

and how awkward it made my daughter feel

when she yelled out driving directions to him as he sat behind the wheel.


"I don’t think he heard a word I said.” she said…as he left our house that day

but I did see him smile and and wave to her as he happily sped away.


And seeing the worry on my daughters face as her son quickly drove away…

I finally realized where worry comes from…

it’s in our DNA.

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