THE United States?

We call ourselves the United States of America but that name seems a bit short-sighted

Yes, it’s true, we are made up of 50 states…but we are anything but united.


It seems we can’t agree on anything anymore…too much misinformation…too many lies.

We have forgotten how to listen to one another…forgotten how to compromise.


The founders of our constitution, knowing they didn’t all agree, wrote into their plan

not that we would be a perfect union…but the most perfect union that we can.


Case in point: 

When they wrote and signed the constitution there was not one woman in the crowd.

Women running our government?  Well, that just could not be allowed!


It appears that what women had to say back then…didn’t matter very much.

I wonder what our country would be like if the constitution had a woman’s touch?


Another case in point:

Thomas Jefferson and George Washington who helped the flag of freedom wave,

who agreed that all men are created equal…each of them owned slaves.


These two founding fathers…who strived to make our country strong

did not understand back then…that owning another person could be wrong!


Still our founding fathers understood that government is a give and take exchange…

that our constitution needs to be altered…as our country…as we the people change,


And though they certainly were not perfect…they were thinkers…they were wise.

for they knew the only way to stand united…was to stand together in compromise.


They knew we’d never be a perfect union but hoped we’d do whatever it takes

to change when we needed to change…and to learn from our mistakes.


Fast forward 244 years…we are not a country with one goal, one hope…one heart.

Hate has driven a wedge between we the people…

and we the people have allowed that hate to tear our country apart.


Hate will never be the answer…never!

If we the people can’t find a way to douse it’s flame…

a way to form a more perfect union…

then I suggest…we change our name.



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