I was enjoying a quiet moment in the bookstore when bursting through the door

followed by her mom and dad…came a little girl…I imagine around four.


She was wearing sunglasses…her hair was full of curls

and the minute she entered the store she waved, she smiled…and she twirled…


She ran right over to an orange book and held it over her head,

“Mommy, orange is my favorite color…let’s bought this book” she said.


“That book is orange but it’s not for children.” Her mom said.  

The little girl did not get mad

Instead she smiled and ran to the back of the store saying “I think I’ll go ask Dad.”


Dad agreed with Mom.and the little girl told me, “We’re not going to bought it.”

as she gently returned it back to the very shelf from which she got it.


Next she saw a Pokey Little Puppy shirt and she did what young children do

She said, “Mommy can we bought this…it’s my favorite color…blue.”


Again her mom refused and I must admit this is the best time, in a while, I’ have had

watching her run with the shirt to the back of the store saying, “I think I’ll go ask Dad.”


As she returned the blue shirt to the rack she found another and quickly changed her tune,

when she held it up and asked me, “What color?” I answered, “That one’s maroon.”


She smiled and said, “That’s my favorite color….Her third since she came in I might add

and clutching that maroon shirt to her chest she quickly ran to Mom and Dad.


As I witnessed the way her favorite colors changed I couldn’t help but feel glad

at the innocence of one so young…but also at the patience of her Mom and Dad.


They spoke to her respectfully, they didn’t get annoyed or mad…

I believe you can learn a lot about the child by watching Mom and Dad.


And as this little adventure unfolded before my eyes it was plain for me to see

just by watching her mom and dad…the kind of person she’ll grow up to be.


As they were leaving, with a book in hand, she stopped, she waved and she twirled…

and I found myself smiling as I waved goodbye…to one of my favorite little girls.

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