In a world that stands divided

a division that seems to widen every day

I wonder if we should be watching more sunrises

to see how the different clouds and colors were meant to interplay.


We met another couple at our marina with whom we shared a sunrise.

Together we watched the clouds…and the colors changing before our eyes.


We greeted them when we arrived…keeping our voices low

then took our seats upon a bench where we would enjoy the show.


A sunrise is unlike any theater we’ve ever been in…any movie we’ve ever seen…

as we sit in silent wonder…watching nature’s giant 3-D screen.


When the colors finally faded…we took the time to chat…

The young woman smiled at us and said,

“Who knew God could paint like that”.


We agreed saying they should come back tomorrow

for with the next sunrise they see…

although the screen remains the same…God will paint it differently.


We smiled and waved as we said goodbye…

and as we continued on our daily route

I thought to myself I did not ask her what God she was talking about….


I did not care where she came from or where she might have been

I did not care if she was gay or straight or the color of her skin…


Because as we shared a sunrise

as we watched the clouds and colors change then scatter

watching the sunrise together was the only thing that mattered.


And so I wonder in a world divided

where we are anything but birds of a feather…

perhaps it’s not that we need to watch more sunrises…

but we need to watch more sunrises…together.

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