When searching for the key to happiness 

It’s difficult to know exactly what to do

Sometimes I wonder if we should be looking

into our sadness too…


We should look for someone who knows our sadness

who can see the tear before it reaches our eye

for someone who accepts our sadness

who knows it’s okay to cry.


For someone who understand us

who can read our changing mood…or tone

who knows when we want to be held

and when we want to be left alone.


For someone who understands sadness has its own schedule

who knows what is at stake

someone who will sit beside us…and hold our hand

no matter how long we take.


For someone who knows when it comes to sadness

this lesson they have learned:

It is only through patience and love and understanding

that happiness will return.


And if you’re lucky you will find your happiness…

You’ll find that someone who

all the while you were looking for them

they were looking for you.

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