I went in for a minor surgery- something you have when you’re old and grey

which meant I had to fast…which meant I was hungry for a day.


For two days I went without eating…from early morning until the night… 

By the second day my stomach hurt I was irritable…

trust me…it was not a pretty sight.


But when the surgery was over…when I came out from the anesthesia…then

the first thing that I did…was to go and eat again.


On the way home we stopped art McDonalds…and my heart began to ache

as I was stuffing my face with French fries…dipped in a creamy vanilla shake.


I was hungry for a short while..then my hunger went away

but what about the people out there who are hungry every day.


41 million people in America including 11 million children by the way

aren’t hungry for a little while…they are hungry every day.


What kind of country are we if we can’t find a way

to feed those 41 million people who are hungry every day?


So I decided to put my money where my mouth is…and I donated today

to an organization that helps fight hunger each and every day.


I’m not sure how much good it will do…but when the day is done

I’ll be glad if out of the 41 million people…I have helped feed one.


Glad to do my part to help…if even a little bit

For people who are being punished…for a crime they didn’t commit.


For our society will ultimately be judged on how we intercede 

on behalf of our children, our elderly, our sick, our handicapped and 

all of those in need.


And wouldn’t it be great to be judged, at least in part, on how we found a way

for no one to go to bed hungry…even for a day.

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