We stopped to let them walk by us…an old woman leading and old man

She was apologetic.  She said, “Forgive us…we’re moving as fast as we can.”


She said,  “you wouldn’t know to see him now”

her face grew sad and long

“but in his day he was big and tall…intelligent and strong.”


She said he was a lawyer…here a smile crossed her face…

and I don’t think in all his life…he ever lost a case.”


She said, “I was a full-time wife and mother. 

I was once young and lean and fit.

Together we raised four children…

and I loved every minute of it.


“I also loved to sing and dance and, if the truth be known,

I didn’t always dance with him…sometimes I’d dance alone.”


She smiled at the two of us…a smile both friendly and kind

and I noticed as they passed us 

how their shadows walked obediently behind.


And I observed as they walked away…

and to each other’s arms they clung

how their shadows didn’t show the ravages of age…

how their shadows seemed so young…


And I thought wouldn’t it be great if as we all grow older

and begin to walk a little more erratically 

if our shadows kept showing silhouettes 

of all people we used to be.


How wonderful to be followed by a movie of our life

played out in shadows for all to see…

So people would know not just the old person walking in front of them…

but to all the persons we used to be.

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