I saw my dad the other day…it was on my morning walk

He was standing underneath a tree…and so I stopped to talk


I said, “Dad what are you doing here?” as I leaned against the tree

He said,”what I do every day around this time…”

He was checking up on me.


“But I walk this route every day,” I said, “and I never see you underneath this tree.”

Hs said just because I don’t see him doesn’t mean he doesn’t see me.


But you’ve been gone so long I cried…so many years I’ve been on my own

He smiled touched my shoulder and said, “Son, you’ve never been alone.”


And so we talked a while…it was the best conversation we ever had

and when it was time to leave I said, “It was great to see you, Dad”.


I smiled at him and just before he faded from my view

he smiled back then answered, “It was great to see you too.”


And now ever morning on my walk…I smile as I pass that tree

at the gentle reminder that wherever I go…Dad is looking out for me.

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