I was walking by a tree the other day…composing poems inside my head

when a breeze blew the tree’s branches open wide, “Would you like to climb? He said.


When I was a child I’d run right in and climb to the top…no fears

but I am so much older now…I haven’t climbed a tree in years.


“What if I’m not able?” I said…“What if I can’t remember how?”

The tree smiled, “I didn’t let you fall when you were young…

I won’t let you fall now”.


I looked up to the top of the tree remembering how I once soared…

and when he extended a branch to the ground…I happily climbed aboard.


I began to climb with all my might…I made it to a branch unscarred

I don’t remember when I was younger…that climbing was this hard.


I took my time on this climb…making frequent stops

before, with the tree’s branches offering support…I finally made it to the top.


I stood on a branch to catch my breath…a little tired but satisfied too

and as I swayed back and forth with the tree in the breeze…

I looked out and enjoyed the view.


As I held on to the top of the tree…I whispered in his ear…

“Thank you…for I had almost forgotten how beautiful it is up here”.


For a moment from my perch…I don’t think more happiness could be found

and I thanked the tree again as he helped me to the ground.


If today a tree opens it’s branches and asks if you’d like to climb…

climb up…climb up…don’t stop.

and don’t be surprised if there’s a smiling old man

waiting for you at the top.

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