Her eyes have a loving glow to them…her smile a certain charm

but the best place to feel her love is inside our mother’s arms.


From the first time we step into them they fit around us like a glove

providing us with all we need…

when all we need…

is love


And showing us, as we grow older, 


and anywhere

when we step back into our mother’s arms...

we’ll find some comfort there.


One day we’ll return the favor.

We’ll know when…and where

when she steps into our open arms and finds some comfort there.


And she will feel in that moment

how our arms fit around her like a glove

providing her with all she needs

when all she needs…

is love.


And when she’s no longer with us

when we close our eyes we'll find…

we still can feel that warm embrace…

her arms have left behind.

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