When our world seems so chaotic…filled with man’s inhumanity to man

We search for peace and happiness…anywhere we can


On my walk this morning as I was wondering what fortunes today would bring

somewhere in the darkness a bird began to sing


I wasn’t in a hurry so I stopped to listen for a while

and when I looked up at the crescent moon…I swear I saw her smile.


As I walked a little farther another bird sang out to me

This one was accompanied by a cricket harmony.


Still farther on my walk what was I to meet

but a moth, I think a promethean, standing in the street.


If I told you I was a lepidopterist certainly I’d be lying

But it looked to my non-scientific eyes like this little moth was dying.


“This is no place for you to be little moth.” I said, “No place for you to linger.”

So I put my hand down and this little moth climbed upon my finger.


I gently set her on a flower where she had a clear view of the sky

“This is a beautiful place to live I whispered…and not a bad place to die”.


As I continued on I talked to a rabbit…I saw three squirrel acrobats?

And even though I said hello….I was ignored by two tom cats.


The cats just stared as I walked by…their feelings they never telegraphed

and when I looked up at the crescent moon again…this time…I swear she laughed.


Who knew in a world that seems so chaotic….

all I need to is to step out my front door


Listen to the birds

Say goodbye to a moth

watch some animals

be ignored by two cats 

and laughed at by the moon


to find the peace I was looking for.

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