Have you ever noticed when we plant a flower

we never really know

the exact moment it will see the light

the exact moment it begins to grow.


It matters not how much knowledge we have

it is not within our power

to know the exact moment it is ready

the exact moment it will flower


We know if we give it our love and care

eventually it should grow

but as to the exact moment it will blossom

well this…we never know


So once we plant the seed

and give it our all…

and give it our best

it’s time to sit back, 


and let nature do the rest.


If we’re blessed there will come a time…

we happily assume

when we walk into our garden

We’ll be greeted by a bloom.


I wonder if we can learn form this

learn from the flower seeds we’re sowing…

and apply this knowledge to our own lives


and the children we are growing.

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