He had this vivid dream the other night 

of the day his mother died

And though they hadn’t been close in many years

in his dream

when he heard the news…he cried.


It’s funny he should dream that dream

for she long ago left his heart

and it was their contrasting dreams 

that tore their lives apart


Her dream for him was that his life

would flow down this one particular stream

and though he loved the water

he had a different dream.


She was bitter…disappointed

and couldn’t find it in her heart to be kind

when he chose to follow his dream

and leave her dream behind.


They didn’t speak for many years

and on the day she really died

although he felt a twinge of sadness

he felt no sorrow…he never cried.


So what was the meaning of this dream he wondered

for he knew the way things were…

Perhaps to show him after all these years 


his heart still had room for her…

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