I never know what will happen…what memories I’ll see

but I love when my imagination merges with my memory.


My memory picks a person…sometimes quite randomly

and my imagination sets that person…right in front of me.


It happened at the end of a morning walk 

in the shadow of our oak tree

When I looked up…Deborah’s mom…was smiling next to me.


And it was just as I remember…though she left us long ago

the way her smile lit up her face and set her eyes aglow.


I was unable to say a word…I was captivated…enthralled.

She did not speak either…but her smile said it all.


It reminded me how she loved us…with a love gentle and kind

and when I found my voice I thanked her for the memories she left behind.


I told her not to worry…standing in the shade of that old tree

for I am taking care of your daughter

and she’s taking care of me.


Silently she nodded her head…as the night surrendered to the dawn

We exchanged another smile….and in an instant…she was gone.


As I say…imagination is a wonderful thing

when it merges with a memory…

You never know what might happen…


You never know who you might see.

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